We expose your wealth to the crypto space.

Invest in real humans developing new way of value creation, storage and exchange with a blockchain technology.

Your wealth deserves


Deep market & technical
expertise of the crypto market


Efficient portfolio invested
through multi-strategies


Close relationship
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Heart of the European Union

Diversification is the key

As your wealth should be diversified, we may use a multi-strategy approach based on technical knowledge, industry experience, external research and analysis to spread the risk of investments and reduce volatility.

To ensure we fully capture the investable cryptoasset, we may also invest crypto in each strategy depending on the market opportunity.

Crypto universe

A smart contract is a self-executing contract with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code. The code and the agreements contained therein exist across a distributed, decentralized blockchain network. New projects as Solana, Cardano and others are Ethereum competitors.
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Shipping companies and retailers are losing out on a significant percentage of the profits due to inefficient practices, unnecessary middlemen costs, theft, cyber attacks and food spoilage. Blockchain offers an end-to-end solution for companies that want to run leaner, more organized and more efficient operations.
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With its ability to deflate the current spending bubble, protect patient data and improve overall experience, using blockchain in healthcare may help ease the pain. The technology is already being used to do everything from securely encrypt patient data to manage the outbreak of harmful diseases.
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Vacation rental houses. Parking spots. Even dream homes. Before long, they'll all be purchased on a blockchain. In fact, blockchain-based real estate is already gaining popularity as a way for buyers, sellers and investors to interact with each other and learn about properties.
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Just like an original painting signed by any famous artist can have its authenticity and ownership authenticated, crypto art can be verified in the same way using an NFT. The NFT’s authenticity, identity, ownership history, and sales prices are all tracked on a blockchain.
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Metaverse is a virtual world, featuring avatars, digital objects, functioning economies, where technology is not just a tool, but something that is all-encompassing. It will have at least as big of an impact on the world as the internet itself did, back when it went mainstream, which is already a huge promise.
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Play-to-earn gaming has taken the crypto world by storm, and it's easy to see why. With this unique gaming model, which is geared to adults, participants are rewarded with crypto or NFTs just for playing games they would probably play for free. From there, the company uses blockchain to reward its players for taking part.
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Investment strategies

We create a safe and secure way to invest

We believe that asset protection and investor security are essentials.

Our fund is domiciled and managed from Luxembourg, a safe and world recognized place for Alternative Investment Funds.

Furthermore we work with european top players who are involved in the world of digital assets.


in global fund distribution


investment fund centre in Europe


S&P rating

Crypto cold wallet storage security

With caution for storing and safekeeping your digital assets

We trade with the most reputable digital assets counterparties to trade at the best price with high market liquidity.

Our medium & long-term investments are stored in a cold wallet, thus protecting it from hacking attacks.




Initial period offering


€ 100.00

Initial period offering


will be published after initial offering period


Fund name


Inception date


Investment objective





The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve capital appreciation and maximize absolute returns by investing directly or indirectly in a diversified portfolio of blockchain-based digital assets through multi-strategies.


Investor requirements

Minimum investment




Management fee

Performance fee


125.000€ or 125.000$



20 business days


20% with High-Water Mark

General Partner

C4W Management S.à r.l

Registered as external AIFM at the C.S.S.F

Registered at the Central Bank of Luxembourg


In 2009, Bitcoin was the first digital currency to be created, distributed, traded, and stored with the use of a decentralized ledger system, known as a blockchain.

As Internet changed our way of life, we believe that blockchain is the heart of the new industrial revolution and will drastically transforms our future.

Blockchain-based digital assets, such as cryptocurrencies and tokens, are new opportunities to invest in companies, protocols, payment mediums, evolving in the faster and growing blockchain technology world.

To meet our perception of wealth management and investors needs, the idea of creating and managing a crypto investment fund was obvious. 

C4W Management is an European independent asset manager focused on blockchain-based digital assets.

Image of Founder and Managing Director

Adrien Castellani

Founder & Managing director

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